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Hire Me

Every day I try to do 2 things.

  1. Be a decent human.
  2. Help you share your story.

I believe that everyone has a story and it is my responsibility to assist you in getting that story out there to the world.

Writing and Publishing 

Are you a busy CEO and don’t have time for “Do It Yourself” Self Publishing? I can help. Thought Leaders and Influencers have books. You should too.


I’ll write articles for you or your brand and I’ll happily relinquish the credit. My articles are researched and supported with data. No one will know that I wrote the article. (I promise)

Blog Posts

If you are not blogging you are missing out on an opportunity to drive traffic to your site. You can have an increase in leads and revenue by creating a few blog posts a month. I can speak the language of your audience for a positive ROI.

Landing Page Content

Do you need persuasive landing page content that will get your community to take action? Will you need content that is optimized and search engine friendly? No worries.


Yes, email marketing can boost sales, but only if it is done right. You can hire me to take over your newsletters.


The quickest way to “expert status” is to create ebooks, ecourses and whitepapers. I can help you create the content and design them.

Guest Posts

One of the best ways to boost your reach, brand recognition and positive perception is by guest blogging on authoritative blogs in your niche.

Fill the form below and let us discuss your writing and publishing needs. Also, kindly reference which of my services you are interested in: